ClearKarma’s vision from now until 10 years is becoming the most trusted source of validated information on the internet. The impact of that will enable populations living together with no hunger and no damage to people and planet. If people eat better, they would be able to access basic human right: to know what to eat in order to keep vibrant health and live happy lives.

Changing things is the goal of ClearKarma in 10 years and it is by empowering people to take small actions everyday by using our app, as a “mobile assistant in your pocket”, to understand food labels, to learn better food habits, access food alternatives or information easily.


We believe that there is enough food to sustain all living beings, if we start to change some habits and rethink malnutrition or food waste and also optimize production, distribution and food consumption patterns resulting in positive impact on People & Planet. In our understanding solving the world hunger issue and thus guaranteeing the basic human right of accessing nourishing food resides in:

- Access to clean food and safe foods

- Food education

- Redistribution of wealth and food resources