• With the new European 1169 regulation and the North American FDA, the food industry must disclose new information about foods. This information will have to travel from the producer down to the consumer. Even for restaurant foods.

  • Everyone is involved in this food information chain.

  • Foods must certain food facts like allergens, and comply with other new rules. 

  • The problem? The information comes from many sources and changes so quickly.

  • Moreover consumers want to know what’s in their food, and are increasingly selective about what they eat.


In Europe, we help food businesses comply with the new EU-Directive 1169/2011 which will take effect on December 14th, 2014. Find out more below...

In the US, the FDA is proposing to update the Nutrition Facts label found on most food packages. The Nutrition Facts label, introduced 20 years ago, helps consumers make informed food choices and maintain healthy dietary practices. If adopted, the proposed changes would include more information about substances like added sugars, sodium etc. The serving size requirements would also be changed, as well as the designs of the labels.



Soon this year, on December 14, 2014 food services will, amongst several other requirements, need to identify and publish the 14 main allergens. This applies not only for prepacked foods, but also for the non-prepacked foods for the first time ever. 

  • Mandatory nutrition information on processed foods

  • Mandatory origin labeling of unprocessed meat from pigs, sheep, goat and poultry.

  • Highlighting allergens in ingredient list e.g. peanuts, milk, seafood etc.  

  • Better legibility i.e minimum size of text

  • Information about allergens must be provided on foods sold in restaurants, canteens, bakeries etc.

Do you know what allergens are in the food you serve to your customers?

Do you know what allergens where in the products you used ?

Identifying allergens is an area of expertise. It requires a thorough knowledge the foods, but also about what ingredients and allergens are in the products you purchase.

The regulation takes effect in Dec 2014. We help you comply with the new 1169/2011 European regulation.