• Adamah Biohof

    Adamah Biohof

    Family Zoubek - Four generations, one passion: Organic products with biography

  • Bäckerei Konditorei Josef Schrott

    Bäckerei Konditorei Josef Schrott

    We are a family business since 1885 owned by the Schrott family, now in the 5th generation. In the 1950s the confectionery was added, since the 80s there are organic whole grain products and since 1986 we grind our whole grain flour ourselves in house with our own mill.

    Under the credo less is more we bake our pastries and organic bakery products with as few ingredients as possible, but a lot of time to achieve a good, clear taste.

    Our assortment ranges from classic Viennese baked goods, sweet as well as savory, organic and classic, to confectionery.

  • ClearKarma


    ClearKarma is committed to a happy world and bringing you the best from your local producers and stores!

  • Der Kern

    Der Kern

    Der Kern stands for the choicest pumpkin seeds of the highest quality - and we know what we're talking about, because we make the core ROUND, LIGHTER, CRISPIER & CRACKIER!

    As a Premium producer, we place the highest priority on the origin, quality and handwork, because not all pumpkin seeds are the same!

    We roast only the best, and thus create the highest premium quality from Austria!

  • Ebensteiner


    Eibensteiner. Where you can taste love.

    Our delicacies come fresh from the manufactory to our stores every day!

  • Gragger - Pain au feu de bois

    Gragger - Pain au feu de bois




    We produce high quality organic bakery products in a natural way, with the best raw materials, baked by hand and in a wood-fired oven. The way it used to be.

    Bread and pastries are more than a staple food for us. Our organic bakery products should be a treat that you indulge in and that spoils you. Likewise, we want to put a smile on the face of our customers with our organic pastries.

    Enjoyment and responsibility go hand in hand for us. We are a bakery that is socially committed, pays attention to environmentally friendly production and strives for the continued existence of the craft.

    We bake directly in front of the customers. This allows our baked goods to be experienced with all the senses.

  • Hauser Wein - ANNO 1555

    Hauser Wein - ANNO 1555

    Hauser wine - traditional winery in the thirteenth generation.

    In 13th family generation, the Hauser winery is located in the beautiful Poysdorf in Lower Austria. Since its birth year "ANNO 1555" the vineyards of the estate are distributed around the small wine town. The winery stands for a wide range of traditional wines. In addition, it is known for its creative approach when it comes to creating innovations.

    The winery is managed by Werner Hauser and his family. In addition to the wooden barrels, the old cellar vaults house modern technology. Through gentle grape processing and slowly controlled fermentation in the time-honored cellar and storage in steel tanks, the wine is left natural and bears the pure signature of the winemaker until bottling.

  • Herbeus Greens

    Herbeus Greens


  • La compagnie du pain sur la planche
  • La Fourmi Verte
  • Leopoldauer Brauhandwerk

    Leopoldauer Brauhandwerk

    Viennese brewing art with heart and soul!

  • Papilles Potagères
  • Röstwerkstatt


    We are Dagmar and Jürgen and in the meantime also little Paul.

    In 2014, we went to Peru on business. From there, we have traveled throughout South America, especially the coffee countries of Brazil and Colombia. In addition to our fascination for the country and its people, we discovered a very great passion: the love of coffee and the art of getting the best taste out of every bean! In 2016, we founded the roasting workshop and have been running it with heart and soul ever since!

  • The Fruit Father

    The Fruit Father



    Already in the 2nd generation we convince our customers with top quality, freshness and service from one source. We offer a wide range of fruits, vegetables and tropical fruits from regional cultivation and from all over the world. As a family business we supply retailers and wholesalers, kindergartens and schools, as well as restaurants and large kitchens. Due to the personal purchase from local farmers and all over the world, we are able to fulfill all our customers' wishes.

  • Weingut Christ

    Weingut Christ

    About 400 years of family tradition, nature-loving viticultural philosophy and innovative "esprit" are the cornerstones according to which the viticulture is operated in the Winery CHRIST. With a lot of enthusiasm and commitment, only vineyards on the Bisamberg are cultivated.

    Tradition and innovation result in a harmonious blend.

    Contemporary architecture offers in the expanded and sensitively renewed production area the possibility for spontaneous and flexible reaction to what nature gives us.

  • Wiener Bezirkshonig

    Wiener Bezirkshonig

    We are beekeepers and beekeepers who have made it our goal to bring bees and people together in the city.

    Around the core team of the WIENER BEZIRKSIMKEREI in the 5th district, other beekeepers and bee enthusiasts take care of our hundreds of thousands of employees and actively help us with everything that comes up.

    We are always open to questions and are also happy to let you look over our shoulders.