ClearKarma is a movement committed to healing the broken food system by measuring its impact to invest in solutions for people and the planet! 

Presently, nobody covers the hidden costs such as biodiversity loss, and soil or water pollution! Research shows that yearly 10 trillion € are necessary to cover the hidden costs globally, which implies doubling the retail price of food. ClearKarma should collect yearly 40 billion € investments from conscious consumers to fix food-related damages.

ClearKarma uses the true cost framework to assist small & mid-size businesses along the food supply-chain improving their impact.

ClearKarma sets new standards to manage, trace and verify impact data by leveraging the latest technologies for trust and transparency like Blockchain.

Our team of entrepreneurs has a proven track record in winning awards for digital solutions and turning a food delivery franchise into profitability within 3 months after launch.

We are unique in engaging people to join our global movement combining crowdinvesting with tracing and measuring food impact for systemic transformation. 

We also make money through SaaS (software-as-a-service) sales and transaction fees on collected funds. 

Currently we are finishing an MVP (minimum viable product) for data collection and impact calculations validated through sales: A mid-size business client has agreed to a 1M € revenue-share on tax cuts and value we will create.

To fund market proof in the next 12 months and to serve our customers faster we are looking for 300k € for staffing, IT-development, legal fees and marketing. 

Time to act is now!

We cannot make it without you, so please join ClearKarma and invest in healing the broken food system!


"To be a pioneer in fixing the broken food system by making the global supply chain more transparent and resilient"


"To create the better world with zero hunger by fixing the broken food system and showing the true cost of food"


ClearKarma was firstly started as a platform where connects local producers with local customers with the purpose of bringing the fresh, eco-friendly and clean food to the doorstep of the consumers and more importantly supporting local businesses, reducing food waste and C02 along the food supply chain. 

And the more Sylive - Co-founder and CEO - emerged herself into the world of food industry, the more she is eager to make a tremendous impact on it. Hence, in 2021 she started shifting her business into a new level, with knowledge, skills and experiences accumulated over the past ten years, Sylvie now is working on offering solutions to individuals and businesses in order to calculate their true cost of food, and to measure their negative impacts on society and planet. 



We are a dedicated senior team of international experts to serve our vision of food transparency and traceability. We enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams with various backgrounds in food, technology, design, risk management, sales and marketing. 

Are you a proactive, communicative, eco-conscious person, who wants to take part in creating a better a sustainable place for living? Then don't hesitate to contact us. Let's share our values together, come and be a part of our team. 

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We donate, lend and invest collected funds to projects working on solutions in order to reduce the impact of food production & consumption. 

There are some impacts on many aspects of life, for instance: