We support local businesses, whether you are a farmer or a baker, here is excatly what you are looking for!


Our aim is to connect you with a customer base and provide you the possibility to scale by selling at fair prices. In addition supporting small scale farming leads to high environmental impact, by contributing to biodiversity, with little need of pesticides which greatly contributes to bees' protection. Indeed access to fresh and nutritious food is not a luxury, but a necessity.

The list of our producers is not all that long for now, it consist of 4 small businesses and is waiting for yours. We look especially for family farms, traditional bakeries and also pizzerias.

How it works?

1.Place your available products on our marketplace
2.Prepare orders once a day at chosen time for pick up: on same day before the shop closes, for late night or next morning home deliveries. from 5:00 onwards at bakeries for fresh bread and bring the fresheries directly to the doorstep

  1. 3.Earn and grow with Clear Karma



ClearKarma runs a market place instead that usual business who run an online store. Market places differentiates from online stores in the sense that market places invite outsides vendors to sell in their platforms. In simpler words we welcome farmers, bakers and other food producers to sell in our platform, in this way we have a bigger inventory to offer customers and food producers can have an alternative source of income.


Our technology has a unique Big Data Taxonomy that enables identification and tracing of ingredients in advanced ways leveraging new technology and communicating with consumers via mobile and smart apps.

Differently, CK is tracing mandatory “reference food big data”, then safeguarding it on blockchain, to create a unique food register for the entire food supply-chain with automated data collection methodologies. This is new, no other project with a similar approach exists yet, so this demands extensive research to boost value-creation as well as evaluating innovative monetization as a basis for producing a solid and comprehensive implementation plan to scale to other sectors needing auditing, warning and sourcing.


Blockchain technology is being hyped as disruptive. Being very recent, it needs critical piloting and many talks with potential customers in order to find appropriate use-cases with monetization potential.

CK reference food register wants to support all companies, especially the small ones, to benefit from blockchain advantages in reducing friction or obstacles along the supply chain, reducing cost of food traceability, and in making easy to update and publish compliant information for consumers.


The term "artificial intelligence" is applied when a machine mimics "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as usually "learning" and "problem solving". At ClearKarma we understand this scope in a broader manner which encompasses automated recognition of images and speech, analysis, reasoning, learning, communication and visualization. We found out that our mission and activities can make a powerful use of AI and which is why our applied research pushes the boundaries of how we can make sense of data to support safer food choices. Our current use of AI is to offer intelligent and automated translation, analysis, validation, personalised insights and publishing.


For over 8 years ClearKarma has refined its highly accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) text-recognition technology. We are 40% more accurate than any competitor in our marketspace.

This technology has many uses, such as collecting/scanning:

  • Order sheets or delivery sheets to perform an inventory control quicker

  • Food label info

  • Recipes

  • Menu

  • Any text