ClearKarma's vision, mission, impact and values

Clearkarma's vision celebrates easy connections between happy farmers and local communities sharing the freshest foods: “happy farmers through ClearKarma for a happy world”. We believe our mission of supporting happy and caring food supply-chain relationships can fix the world's biggest problems. Our mission starts with our flagship ClearKarma Market solution by bringing food producers and local consumers closer to help family farms sell at a fairer price and to enable more customers to afford and access fresh foods easily. We think local by supporting food sovereignty and at the same time, we act global by designing our distribution network and marketplaces for fast replication and localization.

To reach this purpose we expand a distribution platform and franchise network for local fresh foods and shorten food supply-chains through marketplaces, local logistic hubs and automation standards for more transparency, food safety and convenience. Then our powerful solution will be in a unique position to collect and provide the necessary information to better plan demand and supply of fresh foods, resulting in better prices and dramatically less food waste or carbon emissions. In addition supporting small scale farming leads to high environmental impact, by contributing to biodiversity, with little need of pesticides which greatly contributes to bees' protection.

ClearKarma's activities not only benefit the local economy and the environment, but also strengthen the resilience and security of local food supply. Indeed operating affordable distribution of daily groceries especially in rural areas is not only a main factor for quality of life and avoiding rural deserts but increases resilience of all territories to global epidemics, food contaminations or natural catastrophes ensuring food or first aid supply through a local network. For consumers we believe also that easy access to food and education can empower everyone to follow a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Indeed access to fresh and nutritious food is not a luxury, but a necessity.

We invite you to join us and build happy relationships by interacting with our chosen core values:

  • Innovation: we are constantly striving to find systemic solutions fulfilling ever-evolving customers needs and challenge the current state of the supply-chain;

  • Transparency: we want to support clear and trusted choices through validated information;

  • Excellence: we provide best practices to grow the quality and expertise of our networks.