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Eibensteiner. Where you can taste love.

Our delicacies come fresh from the manufactory to our stores every day!

Eibensteiner. Where you can taste love.

We could buy cheap raw materials.

We could pay our employees less.

We could automate almost all production steps.

We could produce mass-produced goods and play in the league of the big players.

All this would be possible. But for us, it's unthinkable.

Because we love what we do, how we do it and for whom we do it.

Eibensteiner stands for traditional craftsmanship and creative confectionery ideas. Our mission is to enchant every customer with unique moments of pleasure. Because every moment we pause to fully enjoy something is an expression of appreciation and love towards ourselves.

In this way, we help to make the world a sweet bit more lovable.

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