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Hauser wine - traditional winery in the thirteenth generation.

In 13th family generation, the Hauser winery is located in the beautiful Poysdorf in Lower Austria. Since its birth year "ANNO 1555" the vineyards of the estate are distributed around the small wine town. The winery stands for a wide range of traditional wines. In addition, it is known for its creative approach when it comes to creating innovations.

The winery is managed by Werner Hauser and his family. In addition to the wooden barrels, the old cellar vaults house modern technology. Through gentle grape processing and slowly controlled fermentation in the time-honored cellar and storage in steel tanks, the wine is left natural and bears the pure signature of the winemaker until bottling.

Werner Hauser - winemaker and inventor in the life-style sector

Hauser Wein's product range includes easy-drinking quality wines and invigorating sparkling wines. The long-forgotten ancient extract "Verjus" has also been rediscovered at the Hauser winery. The legendary juice of the green grape has been used to develop a line for the restaurant trade, as well as the urban trend drink "Jus(t)" - a delicious splash with gin or vodka and a light touch of floral essences.

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