What's really in my food?

Our app empowers you to check food for allergens, and detect other ingredients not suitable for your body. Find this out in a matter of seconds, on your phone/tablet! It works not only for restaurant menus, but also for all food businesses like canteens, catering companies, bakeries and many more.


We cater for everyone. Vegetarian, low-carb, Halal, diabetic, allergies... Perhaps you are the type to eat everything, but you want to check it does not contain certain additives or specific compounds.

The ClearKarma app lets you find out, before you buy, or order at the restaurant, if what is on the menu meets your food philosophy. It identifies and filters what's suitable for you, based on what diet, allergens or other substances you selected. 
Our app can even help you easily set healthier preferences. 

The app connects to the Clearkarma cloud platform, to download menu and ingredient information for the restaurant you are in, right now.
The app automatically finds your location, to give you the live food information on the restaurant you are in! If you prefer to not be located, you can alternatively scan a tag in the restaurant, canteen where you are.



Rediscover the joy of eating out and feel more comfortable about what you should eat or not.


How does the magic work?

After you have entered your profile into the app, so that your phone can tell which foods you want. You can now use the app anywhere!

  1. Enter into a restaurant. The app will locate you automatically, or simply scan one of the QR-code/NFC tag on the restaurant menu.
  2. Your app will show you instantly which dishes suit your profile. The menu items that are not good for your profile are shown as such.
Mobile App 3.png

Access the digital menu of a restaurant over geolocation, NFC or a QR-code scan.


They are doing it too.

The ClearKarma team serves the estimated 300 million internet users on mobile, worldwide, who have food allergies or follow a special diet. The secondary consumer group we serve is the growing food-aware community of consumers who read food labels and those who wish they had the time to inform themselves about food they eat!