If you too eat foods, you'll be excited to know the world is changing.

For the better.

No more guessing, hoping... or ignoring if what you eat is good for you. ClearKarma is here to restore the transparency about foods we all dreamed of.

Don't know what allergens are in this meal you want to order? We track allergens from the producer's gate to your plate. 

You want to avoid certain types of foods? Are you Vegan, Paleo, or you choose to follow your custom diet?

We tell you what foods on the menu are compatible with you.

Let us worry about tracking all this for you. Eat safely, eat healthy. 

The app

Our app empowers you to check food for allergens, and detect other ingredients not suitable for your body. Find this out in a matter of seconds, on your phone/tablet!


It works not only for restaurant menus, but also for all food businesses like canteens, catering companies, bakeries and many more

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Special diets and allergies

We cater for everyone. Vegetarian, low-carb, Halal, diabetic, allergies... Perhaps you are the type to eat everything, but you want to check it does not contain certain additives or specific compounds.