1. ClearKarma helps you protect your brand from the consequences of the new EU 1169/2011 regulation. We make sure you comply and even go beyond, to avoid any legal issues, reputation losses, or customers complaints.

  2. Gain customers by providing them with our platform - branded to your name -. The platform will amongst others help them, in turn, comply with 1169/2011.

  3. Retain customers by providing them a structure that they operate with everyday

  4. We help you grow even further by providing Analytics about your users and their food choices.



How it works

Suppliers, distributors and retailers need a realtime, cost-effective and highly efficient way to collect traceable ingredient information to display on food product labels and on their eCommerce websites. For a typical “Cash & Carry” distributor, there may be on average 30,000 products which need to be stored and these may be coming from thousands of suppliers and other distributors.




ClearKarma’s solution is initially targeted at the Cash & Carry Companies who have a large network of suppliers and local producers. While most of these have a Supply Chain Management System to store the product or food information such as SAP or MS Dynamics Nav plus an online recipe System and links to labeling applications, these systems do not deliver end-to-end traceability of ingredients in real-time. With the new EU Directive, to identify allergens on food labels and to identify ingredients for special diets (Diabetes, Pregnancy, Lactose Intolerance etc.); food companies including the Cash & Carry companies, the Manufacturers/Suppliers/Producers must create new labels on what is in the food. Restaurants, cafes and caterers must also report the allergens contained in their menu recipes for full and complete disclosure to consumers.


ClearKarma is a Food Information Portal for suppliers and distributors around the world to capture the detailed ingredient information. With this information the Big Data is automatically sorted using proprietary algorithms along with a comprehensive taxonomy of ingredients to determine which recipes fall into the categories of the 14 main allergens, as defined by the new EU-Regulation on Food Information. Our solution detects not only allergens but also special diets through semantic analysis of food content, enabling the end-customer to make smart food choices.


ClearKarma’s robust cloud-platform includes:


·         Portals for suppliers, distributors, brands, restaurants, cafes, caterers

·         Tablet Menu Apps for Restaurants, Cafes and Caterers,

·         Mobile Apps for Consumers

·         A Detection Engine for allergens and special diets

·         A Quality Assurance Dashboard

·         Big Data Analytics to enable better decisions and business optimization