ClearKarma Scan & Track

Highly efficient OCR-text recognition through mobile scan app in order to collect, structure any food label information and track its history on Blockchain.

ClearKarma Trusted Data

Trusted platform of updated food data to manage all food information on restaurant menus, food product labels or catalogs to simplify audits.


ClearKarma Validate

Collaborative platform for validation of facts and documents, communicate with experts or crowds integrating test-results/certificates or other proofs.

ClearKarma Analytics

Customized analytics, smart mapping, automated quality & safety checks, search filters and reports.


ClearKarma Design

Customize your own templates to design easily food product labels and catalogs (online & print) including mandatory allergens and nutritional information. 

ClearKarma Translate

User our professional translation services and ClearKarma's Trusted Data platform for fast food product labels, product catalogs and restaurant menus in 85 languages.