ClearKarma paves the way for end-to-end traceability for ingredients in the food industry. Our food data platform links you to everyone else in the food industry, all the way down to the consumer.

Whether you are a food producer, a distributor, or sell directly to consumers via a restaurant, canteen, bakery...

Your data management just got a lot easier, yet more powerful and interconnected.


  • Enter the new end-to-end traceability game
  • Comply with new food regulations
  • Increase your market share
  • Access data trends

Why end-to-end traceability is a game changer

There is growing demand for information about what is in our food.
Increasingly, people are aware of food being a main cause for un-health, as well as being the cure.  
Transparency about our foods is finally becoming a reality. We are proud to present you with this technology.

New regulations are coming into place this year to support the movement on transparency. Anyone who sells food is directly or indireclty impacted. The deadline to be compliant in Europe is a short few months away, in Dec 2014.

We are here to help you comply. And more.


ClearKarma is a platform that links Manufacturers, Distributors, Foodservices (restaurants, canteens etc) and Consumers all together.

New regulations

ClearKarma helps you protect your brand from the consequences of the new EU 1169/2011 regulation and the FDA requirements. We make sure you comply and even go beyond, to avoid any legal issues, bad publicity or customers complaints. We also increase your market share by giving you the leading edge, now.

Is your business impacted too?

We offer you the easiest solution to comply.

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What we can do for you in a few keywords:

  • End-to-end traceability
  • Allergen detection & special diets
  • Mobile app for consumers
  • Restaurant portal
  • Compliance with EU 1169
  • Cloud-based Big Data





Food Data Platform

The API standard

Restaurant interface