1. Our application programming interface (API) standard is based on a review of current and new functionality and a set of use cases contributed by the working group.

  2. It is designed to transfer food recipe and ingredient information for labeling compliance.

  3. EU Regulation 1169 requires the identification of 14 main allergens from product ingredients along with country of origin, etc.

Data Transfer includes:

  • Product & Recipe Data from ERP/Supply Chain Management and Recipe Systems including: Product Type, Code and Country of Origin
  • Recipe/ingredient information on Private Label Products
  • Recipe/ingredient information from 3rd Party Food Recipe DataBrokers such as GSI
  • Data needed to generate compliant labeling for the new EU Regulation 1169

The API will support, XML, database, flat file, EDI, Excel (OOXML), XBRL, & Web services support

  • Conversion between any of the supported file formats
  • Ability to process different ingredient types in a single mapping
  • Drag and drop mapping of data records Library of data processing functions 
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What benefits do I get from the API?

Interoperability: different data sources and structures & access to your library

Portability: seamless transfer of new ingredients

Integration: with both the latest infrastructures or legacy ones

Flexibility: to keep pace as the regulations and legislation changes


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